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The Renaissance period was also known as the Renaissance Era was a time of knowledge and growth. The Tree Maker wrote this piece for our visitors whom are also interested in this period. It is an era that is full of special events that shaped our present day thinking. Those of us that are interested in genealogy are normally interested in other types of history such as the Renaissance Period, as it was this Renaissance Era that was to help our knowledge in every field develop. We hope you will use this information as it was intended as a guide of what others in our family lineage did to help their children, which in turn helped their children and so on. Feel free to let us know if we should add more information to this webpage on the Renaissance Period as this Era was one that was long and interesting.

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The Renaissance Period or Renaissance Era Was a Time of Knowledge

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The Renaissance Period or Renaissance Era: The word Renaissance is a French word meaning new birth, a name given to the movement in Europe that inspired men to abandon the restraints of the Middle Ages and to develop modern interests, enthusiasm and ideals. Its most noted feature was the Revival of Learning, an awakening of mind and a thirst after the new knowledge. This resulted in numerous investigations of natural events, in a widespread study of art and literature and in a broadening of outlook to a degree never before known.

Before the fifteenth century clergymen were the only educated class. They were accepted as authority on all subjects. But in the Renaissance men all over Europe began to think for themselves. Many learned men came from the East into Western Europe, bringing literature, arts, and other treasures, after the fall of Constantinople {1453}. They helped very greatly in developing the new thirst for knowledge and the appreciation of human interests, although these men were not the direct cause of the Renaissance as some writers suppose. The birth of new ideas and eagerness in using them grew out of many preceding conditions that slowly developed through the centuries, particularly in the fourteenth century.

Indeed the Middle Ages had a civilization and culture of their own. Ancient customs and numerous wrong notions imprisoned this culture. The Renaissance upset these traditions at many points, and by using certain old ideas built up a new civilization.

The Renaissance did not consist so much in a change of subjects of study as it did in setting up a new viewpoint from which well-known facts may be considered. Languages, philosophy, art, government, and religion were studies as fields in which to make discoveries and critical comparisons.

Although theoretical purposes as first ruled the movement, men came to see its value in promoting progress and so later made a multitude of practical applications of the new learning.

The new curiosity brought out new facts and so led to a rejection of many errors about the natural world; students gave scant attention to mere opinions and learned to make direct observations. Then the foundations of modern science were laid.

Humanism also arose. This means a very high regard for the facts pertaining to the human race. Shallow ideas about human nature and man's place in society melted away and man was then viewed as a living, inspiring subject for direct observation and study.

A self-sacrificing devotion to Greek and Latin studies brought later great enlargement to all modern languages and literatures. Raphael, Da Vinci, Titian, Corregio and others produced words of art that have never been surpassed.

The Renaissance helped in the philosophy, Bruno and other thinkers threw off the chains of cramped intellectual masters for the sake of gaining a free, ancient but pagan viewpoint. This new position proved unsuitable in the end, but it served at the time as a means of escape, a necessary step in the direction of modern philosophy.

The Renaissance gradually reached all parts of Europe and finally modified all phases of social life. It developed new arts such as printing, new conceptions of our earth through geographic discoveries, new national policies as in the cultivation of trade by sea, new church life through the Reformation. It brought inspiration, light and joy to those who delighted in art, learning and adventure. However, the neglected masses of peasants were long in gaining any relief from their miseries. Our growth of knowledge was held back by the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance period helped us learn that knowledge with a great speed indeed.

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Our family tree charts can show symbols from the Renaissance Era and would show the colorful designs of that period. We can add many types of pictures or symbols to our drawings. Most of our genealogy charts can be customized to add additional information on each of your family names. Just let us know your idea and we

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