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All Types of Wood Plaques

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The Tree Maker hopes that we have offered you a number of ways to display your blazon of arms as we are always adding more products for you to see. The d

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Family Shields / Family Coat of Arms / Family Crest
High Quality Emailed JPG

Looking for your Family Shield? We offer high quality emailed family crest and family coat of arms in a JPG format, Emailed to you. These digital graphics have a resolution of about 300 dpi and the artwork for our family shields is beautiful. Simply use the search box above and see if we have your surname. If we do, then use the Buy Now Button below.

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  • Item No. 1165
    E-Mailed Coat of Arms of Your Family Shield and Crest
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    E-Mailed Coat of Arms of Your Family Shield and Crest Alternative File Format. Save - No Shipping Charges!!! Available in AI, PNG, GIF, TIF, or CDR.

    Item No. 1386
    Special Discount Two E-Mailed Coat of Arms of Your Family Shield and Crest. High Quality JPG.Save - No Shipping Charges!!!

    Item No. 1385
    Family Shield & Surname History Combo {Emailed}
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    The coat of arms will be emailed in a JPEG format and the size will be between 700k and 900k. These coats of arms look great on letterheads, envelopes, and other types of paper products that are printed. The coat of arms can also be printed larger, but is limited to the quality of paper, program, and equipment that you will use to print with. These JPEG’s are set to a certain size of about 7.75 X 9.5. The resolution of the coat of arms is around 300. Processing time in typically 2-3 business days as all emails/emailed products are manually sent by a member of our staff. In busier times, i.e. Christmas, the month of June due to Father's Day & Wedding Season it may take a few more days for processing.

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    We have access to over 1,000,000 surnames in our on-line database and off-line records. The family shields that people are looking for may already have the artwork completed. Simply use our Free Family Shield and Coat of Arms Search to see if we have your surname. The Tree Maker receives over 130,000 visitors a month, so you can imagine the demand for our services and genealogy products.

    The digital family shield of your coat of arms image can be used for letterheads, stationary, or web pages. We can custom make your family crest as well or even create a company logo for you to display by incorporating your blazon of arms into the design. Heraldry coat of arms and crest can have a wide range of styles depending on the artist whom designed the mantel, helmet, and the many symbols that some surnames have on their family shield.

    A Little Detail on the Shield, Coat of Arms Symbols and Designs

    The Blazon of Arms is the official description of a Coat of Arms. It has several parts, consisting of the shield, mantle or mantling, helmet or helm, the wreath, charges {symbols on the shield}, and the crest {which not all arms have a crest}.

    The clipart that The Tree Maker uses on every family shield is in vector art. This means that it is very clean and has no pixilation which many formats have. We use vector art to build all the parts of a coat of arms. The shield is normally a simple design, but can be in many shapes and styles. The style of the shield is normally just the preference of the artist, as is the helmet and mantel. The elements on the family shields and the crest are a different story.

    Using Heraldry records and other documentation we assemble the correct symbols that are called for assigned to each surname. The coat of arms picture in the finished drawing is one that is picture perfect. We are very proud of our coat of arms design and the many different family shields that we have created over the years, and hope that you will enjoy the beauty in them as much as we have.

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    Coat of Arms - Alphabetic Surname Listings
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    The Tree Maker ask that you please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" section before ordering. It covers a number of subjects in detail. Most of the questions are in regards to customization to family tree charts, family coat of arms, family crest symbol, Design Your Own Coat of Arms Symbol, surname history, family rings, and last name meaning, but the first few apply to everyone. This will help avoid any problems that could arise about your order. Free pedigree chart if needed. These family tree products make great birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or a Wedding and Anniversary gift.